Skepta – Make Peace Not War [Video & Remix]

Haha what a beat! A bit cheddary I know but ya can’t help but bop to it! Skepta bring us his latest single ‘Make Peace Not War’ sampling a bit of C & C Music Factory. Say what you like, it’s pop, commercial, mainstream….whatever, It’s still heavy!! The video is wicked too, who wouldn’t want to hit that party?! OMD and check out the Stinkahbell remix below the video!!! Nuttty!!

Make Peace Not War’ Stinkahbell remix


skepta Radio 1 live lounge

Skepta recently passed through Radio 1’s live lounge and performed a lil mash up of his singles ‘Rescue Me’ and ‘So Alive’ that went off!
As well as smmmmacking a cover of Kanye’s banger ‘All Of The Lights’- Check that out below!

Skepta’s new album ‘Doin’ It Again’ is out on Monday (31st)

(wait for player to load)


Skepta- Cross My Heart [Video]

This is huuuge! Loving that beat, damn!

Featuring Preeya Kalidas- who has been popping up in the scene a lot recently! The gorgeous actress, (East Is East, Eastenders) was also in Bashy’s ‘Fantasy’ Video and turns out has a cracker of a voice too, talented hey!

Skepta is killing it! “They say I’m super bad like Mc’Lovin” haha classic.

Out September 17th! (Day before my birthday ; D )