Haynzy ft Scorcher – Mind on your body [Video]

Check this one out. ‘Mind On Your Body’ featuring North London based, singer/ songwriter, Haynzy. I’ve heard a few tracks featuring this guy, a couple on a Funky House tip, good singer, nice vocals. ‘Mind On Your Body’ reminds me of a fresh, more current Jay Sean track. It also features Scorcher, I haven’t heard a great deal in a minute from the self proclaimed Skywalker, a nice few bars from him, ya know he always smacks it.

Taken from the forthcoming E.P. from Haynzy ‘Creating Monsters’. So watch out for that!

Also gotta mention the video, some creative bits up in their, I like this one!

Prose N Percussion Ep 1: Top Boy cypher [Video]

BIG up  SoulCulture TV once again! This is the first episode of ‘Prose N Percussion.’

“Joining forces with the EXTREMELY talented drummer extraordinaire Paulie The PSM, the concept is simple fresh verses and a dope drum beat = Prose N Percussion. Simples!”- Soul Culture

Scorcher…..Asher D…..Sway…..KanoHEAVVVY cypher!!

Top Boy & Mixtape

So yesterday was the premier of the first episode of channel 4’s new gritty ‘street’ drama- TopBoy . Twitter was going nuts and with reason too, the show was heavy! ( Maybe an advert or 10 too many tho).

The four-part series is written by Ronan Bennett and directed by Yann Demange and basically follows the lives of a few young residents of the East London ‘Summerhouse Estate’ mixed up in certain situations and having certain choices forced on them by their environment. It’s great to see a gritty drama like Top Boy on a big channel like channel 4, at a pretty reasonable time as well. It shows the struggle many youths have in some cultures/ areas, it’s NOT glamourising gun culture, simply showing us, without cushioning the truth, what real life is like on in these areas. Showing the consequences of certain actions.  It is a popular topic with recent british films/ programs, but somehow grips you from start to end. It may be the cast, the main characters are mostly widely known Grime artists.This gives you this familiarity with the characters.

It stars actor and So Solid Crew MC Ashley Walters as Dushane and Kane Robinson aka Grime legend Kano who was making his acting debut as Dushane’s best friend Sully and Grime MC Scorcher as Dushane’s rival Kamale.

Make sure of 4oD the first episode if you missed it and remember tonight, channel 4, 10pm!

Annnnnnd, here’s a free Top Boy mixtape put together by Music Journalist, Chantelle Fiddy and mixed by BBC 1Xtra’s Charlie Sloth!

Top Boy – The Mixtape by LivityUK

Kano & Mikey J – E.T. [Video]

Woiii oiii this is a bannnger!!

E.T is the third installment of the weekly free tunes from Kano & Mikey Js EP ‘ Not 4 The A List’. This time featuring Wiley, Wretch 32 & Scorcher .

Probably my favorite so far, mahoosive!

Haha Insert Wiley Here….  Still not appearing in music videos…Wiley must be enjoying himself too much in Jamaica.

You can download the tracks for FREE on  Kano’s Facebook or Mikeyj.net 


Krept-Paranormal Activity- Remix [Video]

Heavy tune, pretty sick video too!

‘Paranormal Activity’ the remix features Krept, Cashtastic, Dubz, Johnny Gunz, Yungen, DVS, English Frank, Benny Banks, Ghetts, Double S, Scorcher & Konan ( Not gonna link you to everyone’s twitters….Google them! lol)

Out October 3rd!