Devlin & Wretch 32 – Off With Their Heads [video]

Love this one, Devlin & Wretch 32‘s new track ‘Off With Their Heads‘. The back & fourth rapping is sick, the video’s big, relevant gritty scenes to match the mood of the track.

Off With Their Heads‘ out now!! iTunes 

Another big live performance brought to you by SBTV! Dev & Wretch perform their new track.

The original track is fierce and the violins are sick as hell, this live version with just the piano & guitar still works nicely to build up that tense atmosphere.

Super Me

So I was checking out the SBTV website as I regularly do, trying to keep up to date with the new artists that Jamal and the gang discover, watch some new freestyles & live performances etc. Then I see this ad with Dynamo on, with the caption ” The best form of revenge is success”. Turns out it’s from a new site ran by channel 4.

I suggest you guys check it out! I’m always one for getting any kind of inspiration & motivation to progress with my passions and this site has a bunch of great videos by various celebrities, with different positive messages. They’re running the site like a game, the more videos & interactions you watch/ do etc, the more points you get. You don’t have to get involved to that degree, but I would definitely watch a few of the videos still!

Check out the Jamal Edwards & Dynamo video’s below. Motivation!