Donae’o- Number One [Audio]

Love this one! Recently Donae’o released a FREE album title ‘Indigo Child‘, more of an R&B flex, altho it does include a couple funky tracks.  Personally, the biggest track is this album, is ‘Number One’. A week or so ago Mistajam played this one, I think as a Jam Hot, so props to him for the first play.

Don’t forget you can download ‘Number One’ and the entire ‘Indigo Child‘ album from 

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Professor Green- Today I Cried [ Live session]

CAN NOT WAIT for Pro Greens new album!! ‘At You Inconvenience’ is out October 31st, and so far it’s sounding a massive album!

This one is ‘Today I Cried’ and you can see how much passion Pro puts into his music with this live recording session, in fact same with the vocalists and the rest of the band, passion! Awesome tune

*Make sure you check out the ‘At You Inconvenience’ album sampler below the ‘Today I Cried’ video! *


At You Inconvenience’ album sampler! 

Ed Sheeran ‘+’ album sampler & review

Finnnally Ed Sheerans album ‘+’ is out!!!! It’s been a pretty epic year for Ed so far, and I have no doubt things are just gonna get better!

I’m glad ‘+’ isn’t your usual fluffy bunnies and happy endings type of album, it has got a running theme of love through out, but it’s different some how. You can pick up on the the darker vibes and includes references to alcoholism, drugs and prostitution. All in all a great album, Ed Sheeran brings that mix of unique rapping, and soulful singing we’re all loving!

Check out my lil song by song review, and listen to a preview of each track in the player below.

The A Team- Nothing to do with Hannibal or Mr T…. But a great song, it has a strong story line of a teenage drug-addict prostitute, which I love in a record, (the use of a strong story line, not songs to do with teenage drug-addict prostitutes). I feel ‘The A Team’ Doesn’t show off Ed’s full vocal ability, but I’m still a fan.

Drunk- I’ve previously heard Ed mention his drinking habits is a few songs. No surprise being drunk and love are used together, they often go hand in hand for most of us!

U.N.I- Like several songs on the ‘+’ album, U.N.I shows Ed’s unique rapping with his quirky flow combined with his soulful singing voice. Another song mentioning drinking and love. Follow the story of two people together, in love but very different from one another.

Grade 8- A slightly more up beat tune, a more positive theme to this one, telling the story of being in love, maybe that first time, or when you’ve first realised your in love.

Wake Me Up- Nope, not a ‘Duran Duran’ cover! (Thanks god). A song about a girl, and Ed’s relationship with her. Very influenced by Damien Rice. 

Small Bump- “…now your a scan of my unmade plans” You can guess what this songs about. Nice tune, but a unexpected ending.

This- A simple title, another song about a relationship, but this time more about losing the girl, and wanting her back.

The City- Probably my favorite track off the album, altho I do prefer the version with Scorcher that was leaked back in June, but I get that Ed wanted his debut album to be solely by him, with no features. This one has a wicked beat to it, something you can nod your head to. Ed describes one side of London in his experience- “London calls me a stranger… This is not my home”.

Lego House- I like this one, a nice beat again. Topic…. love. Using a lego house as a metaphor for a relationship, “I’m gonna pick up the pieces and build a lego house, if things go wrong, we can knock it down” I like that, it entails that you can build things back up if they go wrong.

You Need Me, I Don’t Need You- We all know it, the leading single from the ‘+’ album. Probably the best track on the album if I’m honest, definitely the right song to use as the leading single. There’s a few massive remixes about, search the site for them, and check out the original video here – VIDEO  

Kiss Me- Obviously from the title it’s gonna be love related right….? Yup, it’s a nice track, you can hear Ed really put passion in his music, and Kiss Me is a great example.

Give Me The Love- Wellllll the last track may as well stay in sync with the rest of the album right? love related again, more guitar plucking and smooth vocals. As I mentioned before Ed Sheeran really puts passion into his music, another great example through out this track.

‘+’ out now on iTunes:

Album Sampler Out Now by Ed Sheeran